Automate your customer service on Facebook

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Sosholy provides a solutions for building smart chatbots for automated conversation on Facebook Messenger.

Improve your Customer Care

  • Provide Information about your services instantly and automatically.
  • Automate answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Allow users to easily find nearest service locations.

Enhance your Digital Content Distribution

  • Allow users to explore your content within Facebook Messenger.
  • Provide automated daily or periodic updates.
  • Easily send breaking news to all of your subscribers.

Improve your sales

  • Let users easily explore your catalogue within Facebook Messenger.
  • Speedup your online sells process.

Increase your Social Impact

  • Raise awareness: Efficiently send stories, facts, stats and educational content directly to Facebook/Messenger personal Inbox.
  • Automatically respond to some of enquiries related to your services.
  • Collect data and feedback using simple user friendly interface.


  • Instant response.
  • Handling wide range of content types; text, images, videos, lists, cards, slides, buttons, quick replies, locations.
  • Automated periodic messaging.
  • Efficient broadcast messaging to large number of users.
  • Normal human intervention whenever required.
  • Available support for promoting your service.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Dashboard for Analytics.
  • Full technical support.
  • No computer programming skills required.
  • Easy to use chatbot management interface.
  • Prebuilt and Custom Artificial Intelligence models for Swahili and English Natural Language Understanding.
  • Available as online service.
  • Enterprise Edition available for deployment on your own infrastucture.